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Monday, August 02, 2004

I'm Free! I'm Free!

Well then, school’s out for three weeks. Not quite Alice Cooper’s, “School’s Out Forever,” but three weeks will be a decent break. Maybe I’ll even be able to crank up my posting quality because I realize that things have been pretty terrible lately in that regard. I did warn you about it some months ago…

So the weekend was as relaxing as I could make it. Friday involved a trip to Salt Lake for a Doc visit for the spouse and we took the opportunity to visit the Titanic artifacts display at the ZCMI shopping center. It was an interesting display and I admit the Titanic story is a fascinating one, but I was underwhelmed by the quantity of artifacts in the display. It was nice and all, it just didn’t have an abundance of things to look at. Somehow, I guessed there would be more things to see.

Something I did not know about the Titanic- it required one pound of coal to move one foot! The White Lines management was so concerned that the coal supply not run low on the ship’s maiden voyage that the coal was stacked up in the crew’s dining room!

So, I didn’t intend this post be all about boat but about the weekend. So where was I? Baseball- I went to a Raptor’s baseball game Friday night for another bit of relaxation with America’s game. I’ve actually been to Lindquist Field three times this summer and haven’t taken the time to write about the pleasure I get from going to a ball game. So Friday night was another night of watching baseball and it was a grand time. And the Raptors won, 13-10.

The rest of the weekend was spent in the yard with just a trip to the grocery store for the twice-monthly restocking of vittles. The shop got cleaned up, though that job’s not finished, the front yard received another dose of Turf Builder to get it greened up, the back yard got watered thoroughly and I finally got the guns cleaned that were used during the Oregon vacation.

Oh, I added a rear sight to my Kel-Tec P3AT too. The gun is designed with two small painted dots inset into the top of the slide and they are just barely adequate for the gun’s intended use. But one of the guys on the Kel-Tec Range developed a proper rear sight to improve the sight picture and the disparity between the point of aim and the point of impact and I decided I had to have one for my gun. The sight is a tiny bit of plastic that glues into the machined slot already in the slide. It seems to be a really well made piece and the instructions are first rate making installation simple. I’ve not yet shot the gun with its new sight but since I didn’t go shooting over the weekend, a trip to the range might be in order this week.

No links right now for all this good stuff I’ve put in this post but I will correct that this evening. Work is busy this week and the network connection has been poor. I’m also back to making PowerPoint charts for a couple briefings next week. So posting at work will be limited and I’ll do better from the homestead.

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